Top 4 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Accelerate Conversion Rate

Writing blogs is one of the leading ways of boosting your website’s conversion rate. However, not every blog post posted delivers the results small business owners desire. So, how can you write and publish blog blogs that accelerate conversion rates? The remaining sections of this post will discuss four practical ways of doing so.

Blog post conversion rate

1. Know Your Audience

Your readers are critical to the conversion equation because without them, you have nobody to convert. Therefore, it is necessary to have them in mind before writing your blogs. Moreover, you should ask and answer yourself the following key questions:

  • Who are my target readers?
  • What are my readers saying or asking?
  • What do they need to know at this moment?
  • How can I customize my message to meet their current needs?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to conduct some research. For instance, you may optimize online tools to determine what your readers are searching and asking online. Some of the tools are:

  • io – It shows you the most popular keywords people within your industry are searching.
  • Twitter Advanced Search – To use it, type in your chosen keyword and choose the filter “questions” option. It will bring out all the questions people in your industry are asking.
  • Quora – This site is another great place where you can find the kind of questions your target audience is asking.

2. Write Catchy Titles That Enhance Your Blog Post’s Conversion Rate

Do you remember the saying that newspapers sell headlines? If you do, then remember it still holds the same relevance in online marketing. To write blog posts that convert, you should draft catchy headlines since it’s the only way of arresting your readers’ attention and whetting their appetite. Otherwise, a shoddy title will unsell your content. To test your headlines, use headline analyzing tools like the Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule. This free tool offers helpful hints on how best to draft and enhance your titles.

3. Write Your Content Correctly to Enhance Your Post’s Conversion Rate

Also, draft your content correctly or else people won’t read your blog. Therefore, abide by all the principles of good writing by:

  • Using descriptive subheadings
  • Including bullet points
  • Incorporating relevant images
  • Keeping your paragraphs and sentences short
  • Writing in a conversational and friendly tone

4. Mind Your Publishing Timing and Frequency

Lastly, mind your blog posts’ publishing time and frequent. This is because your posting timing influences how much people will interact with your blogs. So, publish your posts during an off-peak time when your target readers aren’t busy other similar content. Also, test your publishing frequency. This will build continuity in the process and avoid excess or insufficient content supply.

Conversion rate

Parting Shot

With these practical, proven tips at your fingertips and in practice, you will get yourself in a better position to write and publish blogs that accelerate your posts’ conversion rate.

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