Artificial Grass Popularity: 4 Key Factors Behind It

When I was growing up, artificial grass was a preserve of sporting grounds. Then, I never imagined that one day, it could make inroads into our neighborhoods. But as time has moved on, and things changed, it is now becoming trendy to have artificial turfs in homes. So, what happened in the last three decades? What factors are changing the landscape of artificial turfs? To find answers to these questions, I will walk you through the four leading reasons why fake grass is gaining popularity among homeowners. Read on to discover the underlying factors behind this increase in artificial grass popularity.

It Looks Great on Compounds

Well, we all know that grass also serves esthetic purposes. This means that artificial grass should enhance a compound’s esthetic value by allowing people to enjoy looking at it. Compared to natural grass, fake turfs look excellent. Unlike their natural counterparts, they don’t have the debris and dust that reduce a compound’s overall look. Moreover, this grass has no mud, and hence, a compound remains clean during rainy seasons. Therefore, the ability to keep compounds clean is one of the leading reasons behind the current artificial grass popularity.

Fake grass at home

Artificial Grass Popularity: It Is Safer

From beauty, we come to one of the most important and priceless reasons, that is, safety. Who likes keeping things that could hurt them, their family members, or friends? Of course, no one in their right mind would do that! That is why many homeowners are flocking to these turfs to enhance the safety of their homes. For example, artificial grass can reduce the chances of suffering an injury by more times than natural grass. This is more beneficial when using your home turf for sporting activities such as running.

Artificial Grass Has Many Savings

Who, in their right mind, likes keeping things that burden them financially or in any other way? Definitely, nobody. One of the reasons why fake turfs are gaining popularity is their ability to enable homeowners make savings that transcend money. Here are some of the things homeowners are saving by installing fake grass:

  • Time: Since these turfs require minimal care, a homeowner spends very little time maintaining them.
  • Effort: Also, ease of maintenance ensures that homeowners don’t waste their time on them.
  • Money: Its need for minimal care saves money in many ways. For instance, a homeowner saves money on fertilizers, mowing fees, water, and energy. With these savings, they can do other more important things in life.
  • The environment: Lastly, these turfs help in the conservation of the environment. For example, they save homes the hazards of using fertilizing chemicals and air pollution resulting from mowing activities.

Fake Grass is Pet-Friendly 

Artificial grass installed at home

The last reason why artificial grass is gaining popularity among homeowners is its friendliness to both humans and pets. For instance, those who love dogs and their “diggy doggy” behavior of digging everywhere find these turfs an excellent option. The reason is that the turfs are too tough to allow dogs to dig holes in them. This means if you opt for artificial grass, you can live harmoniously with your best friend, Mr. Doggy Dog!

Closing Remarks on Artificial Grass Popularity

In the recent years, artificial grass has gained popularity among homeowners. Many reasons account for this increase in artificial grass popularity, and hence, this post has shared the four leading ones. I hope that your eyes are open to see why fellow homeowners are flocking to this artificial alternative. With the facts at your fingertips, you can make an informed decision to install it or remain with your natural grass turfs.


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