7 Key Industries Civilian Drone Technology is Revolutionizing

I remember those early days when my dad used to tell us stories about how Americans and Israelis have special military skills. He used to mesmerize us by telling us of how they can send unmanned airplanes to bomb targets and return unnoticed. Then, we didn’t know the term civilian drone technology. In those golden days, those were stories whose experience was limited to the elite military forces of the developed nations like the US and its western allies. None of us ever imagined that during our generation, even before hitting 40 years, drones would be available in civilian hands doing things only the military could do.

Since all the above is now history, the question remains: How far can drone technology go? To answer this question, this post will explore the seven key industries where drone technology is causing positive and transformative ripples. Keep on reading.

Civilian Drone Technology and Real Estate

Civilian drone technology

We start our adventure on a “real” note—the real estate industry. This technology is making inroads into this industry due to its dependence of still and motion images. The reason is that it is challenging to get a renter or home buyer to inhabit a piece of property if they have not seen it. With civilian drones enjoying mapping, auto-pilot, and recording functions at a more affordable cost, realty companies can get the best video and photo shots of their properties on sale. This means potential clients can get a 3D view of the property they intend to inhabit. Moreover, both buyers and agents can get all this without having to spend thousands of dollars and at the comfort of their offices and homes.

Civilian Drone Technology and Law Enforcement

Another critical sector that is benefiting from civilian drone technology is law enforcement. This is critical to all of us since crime affects everyone negatively. These days, the police in different developed nations have integrated drone technology into their efforts to enforce the law and protect people’s lives. Even though it has not reached its peak potential, the tech is getting steady inroads into this sensitive sector. With powerful cameras, the police can get real-time images of an area they want to comb for crime. The reason is that drones take better images than those helicopter-mounted cameras take.

Civilian Drone Technology in Healthcare and Rescue

Health is every person’s number one form of wealth. Therefore, anything that impacts this industry positively also affects you. These days, drones are fast becoming tools for dropping medical supplies to remote villages in the developing world. They can deliver blood, medicines, vaccines, and other medical equipment safely and on time. Moreover, some of them can be connected to smartphone so that you only need your phone to deploy them.


Travel is another industry experiencing a windfall of benefits that emanate from civilian drone technology. For instance, industry players can use drones to give their potential customers a feel of the destinations they plan to visit. This is a better way of whetting their appetite since it gives them crispy and high resolution images that they could not have gotten from ground photo and video shots. Also, industry players can use them as tools to create affordable, high-quality, targeted content to engage their prospects and existing customers. For instance, they can post their drone-shot videos on their websites and social media accounts and enhance their marketing campaigns.


Content is one of the things that define a successful marketing campaign. If your content is poor quality, then you can be sure of failing in your efforts. With professional drones available as from $2,000, marketing firms and other companies can create engaging video and photo content to engage their customers and prospects across different online and offline platforms. Offline and online marketers can use them to do the following:

  • Generate new marketing ideas based on fresh content faster without needing to wait for long to get the final product
  • Expand the horizon of their content creation ability
  • Maintain the “wowing” effect of their marketing content since ordinary people cannot use their ground cameras and smartphones to produce the level of quality a professional drone produces
  • Develop virtual reality experiences for their target audiences

Filming and Photography

A civilian drone ready for deployment

The picture of our coverage is incomplete without covering the filming and photography industry. With the world going 3D, people are no longer interested in seeing things from just one or two angles. This problem has been affecting many photographers who depended on traditional ground-based tools to capture their videos and photos. But as serious and tech-compliant photographers and film makers are embracing this technology, user are now enjoying better shots. They are not just getting a full view of images but their surroundings also. Also, photographers and videographers are enhancing their quality at a lower price. Initially, they used to hire expensive helicopters that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars daily. But as drones become more available and better, their prices are also becoming more affordable.


We end our journey on an architectural note. We cannot forget this industry since it is the mother and father of real estate, and hence, the houses we all inhabit. With these tools, architects can use cost-effective software to map areas and produce accurate topographical visualizations. This is a sigh of relief because initially they depended on the services of costly professional photographers. This made things costly because some of them used to hire helicopters to take the quality of photos and videos architectural firms needed. But with drones, firms can take their own images cheaply and conveniently.

Parting Shot

Just like mobile phones, civilian drone technology is affecting different primary industries that affect our lives directly. We hope the seven ones we have explored in this post have opened your eyes to see how their technological contributions benefit your life.

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